4 Types of Materials for Metal Roofing Dothan AL

Having a strong roof over your head is one of the reasons why metal roofing Dothan AL is very popular. Metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing materials available in the market. So long as they are properly installed, they can last for up to 100 years or even longer.

One misconception, however, is that most people think of metal roofing as a single type of metal shaped into different styles. That is simply untrue. There are many types of materials used for metal roofing and each of them is distinct and unique from one another.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the four most common types of materials used in metal roofing in Dothan, Alabama. This way, you’ll know what options are available for you if you’re considering installing a metal roof for your home.

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This type of material for metal roofing is growing in popularity nowadays mainly because of the several advantages it offers. It is easy to maintain, lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. In addition, it is also exceptionally resistant to corrosion and rust.

The disadvantage of aluminum, however, is its high cost. It is relatively more expensive than other metal roofing materials. And precisely because it is lightweight, it is more susceptible to wind and impact damage. It also has limited color options you can choose from.


Copper is one of the most popular types of materials used for metal roofing Dothan AL. It is easy to install, durable, long-lasting, and offers a traditional and distinct appearance that adds to its charm. Just like aluminum, it is also lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

The biggest disadvantage of copper, however, is also its high cost. Copper is one of the most expensive types of metal roofing materials, which is why it is not widely available in the market and is generally harder to purchase. Just like aluminum, it is also more prone to dents and scratches.


Steel is another popular common type of material used for metal roofing Dothan AL. It comes in three different types: galvanized, galvalume, and stone-coated steel.

Unlike other metal roofing materials, it is inexpensive yet durable, resistant to rust and impacts, available in a wide range of colors, and highly recyclable. This means it can be repurposed into the same material of the same quality again and again so you won’t have to worry about it ending in landfills.

Some of its drawbacks, however, is that it can easily corrode. If not properly installed and maintained, it can have a shorter lifespan. In addition, its color can also fade over time, making it aesthetically unappealing to look at.


This type of material for metal roofing is probably one of the best options if you’re looking for a roof that is built to last. It is extremely durable and long-lasting, resistant to corrosion, and requires little maintenance so long as they’re properly installed. It is also eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable. It can be reused over and over again.

Like most metal roofing materials, however, zinc is relatively expensive. In fact, the only material that is more expensive than zinc is copper! It is also more susceptible to chalking on the roofing panels, which others may perceive as unattractive and unappealing to look at.

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