New Construction

In a robust economy, new home, new roof and commercial construction soars. Demand for the highest quality, most professional roofing services is key to any successful build project and Platinum Roofing provides the best service and project management.

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Our mission is to ensure that your roof fulfills its role as first defense against nature’s elements. Platinum Roofing’s quality workmanship, superior products, and strong warranties have earned high ratings among our clients.

New Construction Expertise of Platinum Roofing

New construction projects, whether its one house or an entire subdivision, requires the utmost professionalism in a roofing company. With most new construction projects, there are multiple stakeholders and the need for accuracy in pricing and project completion timelines is critical to bidding and financing. Platinum Construction has special expertise in new construction.

Residential Roofing

Platinum Roofing knows the needs of New Construction projects.

Platinum Roofing is a great choice for builders and developers with new construction roofing needs. From singles homes to townhouses and entire subdivisions, Platinum is equipped to serve you a new roof.

Design Your Roof

When it comes to our collection of shingles, you just can’t beat our fine selection from Owens Corning. “Design Your Roof” from an astonishing variety of top-tier options. Browse different colors, product lines, and a strong host of materials to best protect your property. Don’t miss out on another day of having a beautifully guarded new roof, click for more!