4 Benefits of Metal Roofing Foley AL

Do you like your current roof material? It may be time for an upgrade, but is going shingle or tile the right decision for your home? Metal roofing Foley AL might be the answer for you, and you just don’t know it yet. Metal roofing materials are growing in popularity and are considered the best roofing material available today. It comes with many benefits that allow for your home to be at its highest value and its best quality. Here are four major benefits that come with a metal roof.

metal roofing foley al

1. Metal is Durable

Metal is the most durable material among all the different roofing materials. It is a tough material and can withstand the elements of snow, heavy rain, hail, and strong winds. Being durable and the added benefit of being lightweight allows for improved efficiency on installation and can still protect your home. It is still susceptible to damages but can handle them much better than other materials, making routine maintenance being a less frequent issue.

2. Energy Efficient

Metal has the ability to reflect UV rays, unlike how other materials absorb it, making it a material that is energy efficient. Absorbing light generates heat and use of energy to store it, which in turn, impacts energy bills within the home. Since metal reflects sunlight and UV rays, it helps sustain the energy used within the home, and lower energy bills. Energy efficiency is an aspect of roofing materials that is growing amongst different materials. There are coatings developed in recent roofing innovations that grant reflecting light, but metal is the only one that does it naturally.

metal roofing foley al

3. Recyclable

Going green is such an essential part of keeping our planet safe, so why not reflect that in your home? Metal roofing materials are made with 99% recyclable materials, allowing for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly uses. These materials are unlike other materials that end up in waste dumps after serving its purpose once. Metal roofing can also be stacked onto each other and reused within its next replacement when the material has reached its limit, saving on future expenses way later down the line.

4. Versatile Style

Most people imagine metal as a silver sheet that is one dimensional in style, and most people are wrong. Metal is completely customizable, as it comes in many different colors and styles. Metal roofing is something that can mimic the look and style of other roofs, even shingle. An example of this is Stone Coated Steel, which is a durable metal material that has curved ends and has a texture in the style of shingle. There are materials like that and more that can allow your home to truly feel like you’re the only person with that special roof.

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