What’s the Cost of Standing Seam Metal Roof in Georgia?

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular among homeowners in Georgia due to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Among the various types of metal roofing available, standing seam stands out as a premium option. However, many homeowners are often concerned about the cost of standing seam metal roof.

So in this blog, we will explore the factors that affect the cost of installing a standing seam metal roof in Georgia and we’ll also provide some tips or guidance to help homeowners make an informed decision.

cost of standing seam metal roof

What is standing seam metal roofing?

A standing seam metal roof is made up of vertical metal panels with raised seams that interlock to form a watertight barrier. These panels are typically made of steel, aluminum, or copper and can be coated with various colors and finishes to enhance their aesthetic appeal. 

Standing seam metal roofs are designed to last for 50 years or more, making them a long-term investment for homeowners.

Factors that affect the cost of standing seam metal roof in Georgia

  1. Roof size and complexity

    The size and complexity of the roof are the primary factors that affect the cost. The larger and more complex your roof is, the more materials and labor will be required to complete the installation.

    A simple, rectangular roof will be less expensive to install than a roof with multiple angles and slopes.

  2. Type of metal

    The type of metal used also affects the cost. Aluminum is typically less expensive than steel or copper, but it may not be as durable. Steel is the most common, but copper is the most expensive although they are also more durable and offer a distinctive look.

  3. Roofing contractor

    The contractor that you choose for the installation will also affect the cost. Experienced metal roof contractors with a good reputation may charge more for their services, but they are also more likely to provide high-quality workmanship and materials.

  4. Roofing accessories

    Roof accessories such as underlayment, flashing, and ventilation can also add to the cost of standing seam metal roof in Georgia. These accessories are necessary for the proper installation and performance of your roof.

  5. Location

    The location of the home can also affect the cost to install metal roof standing seam. If your home is in a remote location in Georgia, the contractor may charge more for travel expenses.

    Additionally, the local climate and weather patterns can also affect the cost as additional measures may be required to ensure that the roof is properly installed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather events.

Tips to help homeowners make an informed decision

  1. Get multiple quotes

    It is important to obtain multiple quotes from different metal roof contractors to compare costs and services. Be sure to ask for references and check the contractor’s credentials and reputation before making a decision.

  2. Consider the long-term value

    While metal roof standing seam may be more expensive than other materials, it offers long-term value in terms of durability and energy efficiency. The initial investment may be higher, but the roof will likely last longer and require less maintenance over time.

  3. Look for financing options

    Some roofing contractors may offer financing options to help homeowners finance the cost to install a metal roof. These options can make it easier for homeowners to invest in the long-term value of their roofs.

  4. Choose the right materials

    Choosing the right materials for the roof can also affect the cost. While copper may offer a distinctive look, it may not be necessary for all homes. Aluminum or steel may be a more affordable option that still provides durability and energy efficiency.

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