Make Sure Your Metal Roofers Have a “Platinum” Reputation

Adhering to a metal roof installation “process” when it comes to the most important component of your home or building is vital and metal roofers in south Georgia and Alabama must have experience in metal roofing in order to do it right, the way Platinum Roofing has done for property owners in Valdosta, Columbus, Warner Robins, St. Marys, Georgia, Foley, Alabama, and surrounding communities. 

Proper roof installation by Platinum Roofing’s trained crews is especially important in the service areas throughout which we operate because weather conditions can be severe. Strong sudden wind storms, effects of Atlantic hurricanes, driving rainstorms, and even hail strike the religion regularly. When a home or commercial building has metal roofing it better be installed properly or else one or more of the following damages are likely to incur.

Heavy rains, destructive winds, and hail impact can damage the structural integrity of traditional roofing systems, leaving the underlying roof deck exposed to rain. This can lead to expensive damage from leaks.

Metal roofing has a unique interlocking and overlapping technique that allows the panels to stay firmly in place, which leaves no space for wind-driven rain to penetrate. This also reduces the overall wind uplift risk of the roof system.

Wind Uplift

Wind uplift is a phenomenon of high-speed winds which create a high degree of air pressure from underneath a metal roof, usually the roof overhang or inside an open, metal-roofed shelter of some kind. Areas including Valdosta, Columbus, Warner Robins, St. Marys, Georgia, and Foley, Alabama are susceptible to wind uplift during the southeast region’s frequent severe wind events.

Hail Impact

Large, heavy hailstones can create everything from small dimples on a metal roof surface to serious dents and even punctures. Compromises to the metal roof’s factory-applied or added coatings can hasten leak vulnerabilities, rust formation, and ponding of water in small areas depressed by driving hail. Metal roofs with a UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistant rating are best under the forces of hail and falling objects. Metal panel thickness, anti-bending strength, and anti-corrosion are also important aspects of a metal roof’s ability to deal with hail, as is the quality of the metal roof coating.

Fallen Debris

Metal roofs can be damaged by objects set aloft during storms. Tree branches, roof-mounted home and building HVAC and solar energy equipment, airborne objects torn off of nearby structures are all threats to a roof during a tornado or hurricane.


High winds can shift or dislodge metal roof panels and accessories which were not installed correctly, to begin with. A small fold in the corner of a metal panel can rapidly lift an entire metal panel exposing the roof deck or whatever lies underneath the metal roofing. Roof leakage may occur requiring Platinum’s team of roof repair experts to respond quickly to property owners in need.

Rooftop Accumulation of Debris, Ice, or Snow

While the deep south rarely sees heavy snowfall or sustained periods of frozen temperatures, if ice build-up does occur from extreme, unseasonable conditions, the added weight atop a roof can cause undue and unexpected stress on metal roof panels and roof framing underneath them. Many structures in Valdosta, Columbus, Warner Robins, St. Marys, Georgia, and Foley, Alabama aren’t built to shed away precipitation as efficiently as steeper sloped roofs, which are more commonly found in northern states. Low slope metal roofs more easily invite frost, ice, debris, and snow accumulation.

When the time comes for a metal roof to be replaced, property owners in Platinum Roofing’s service area of southern Georgia and Alabama should know they’re making a sound investment. A new roof helps in the following areas:

  • Brand new start to manufacturer’s warranty
  • Reduced chance of leaks due to worn-out metal roof covering
  • Modern metal roofing helps lower energy bills
  • A Metal roof is stylish and enhances the curb appeal, and value of your property

Platinum Roofing can address metal roofing damage quickly, inspect roofs and recommend any needed treatments or replacement. Whether or not the weather causes damage, metal roofs eventually age and show wear and tear. The key to preventing impacts from moisture intrusion which can destroy ceilings, walls, and objects inside your home or business, is to maintain your metal roof on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Platinum Roofing has the team and the technology to get your replacement shingles or metal roofing purchased and installed right away.