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To best ensure a roof that will function well for decades, Platinum recommends annual or semi-annual roof inspections. Through a fast, affordable roof inspection, we can catch issues before they turn into serious problems, such as leaks that can destroy ceiling, walls and belongings inside your home or business. Of course, an inspection after severe weather is critical if you suspect any roof damage.

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Keeping homes and businesses in Georgia and Alabama on our mind Our mission is to ensure that your roof fulfills its role as first defense against nature’s elements. Platinum Roofing’s quality workmanship, superior products, and strong warranties have earned high ratings among our clients.

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As a property owner, it may be difficult to detect when you have a serious roof condition. If you know your roof is aging and worn, or you notice puddling and insufficient rainwater run off, call Platinum Roofing for a quick, affordable roof inspection.

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Smart property owners know that a regular roof inspection can end up saving them thousands of dollars.  Platinum Roofing will provide  a clean, honest assessment of your roof conditions. In preparation for Georgia and Alabama’s seasonal storms (March, April, May) and whenever you suspect roof damage, contact Platinum roofing. We’ll here for you.

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